Form Vacant Land Contract
Form Vacant Land Contract

Florida Vacant Land Contract

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What Is A Vacant Land Contract?

Each person who wants to sell, buy or lease land property has to execute a contract to confirm a transaction. One of the types of real estate contracts is a vacant land agreement. Under this document the seller retains the legal right to the property, while permitting the buyer to take possession of it for purposes other than legal ownership. After signing, the seller provides the buyer financing in the purchase, and the buyer repays the resulting loan in installments. After full purchase price is paid including any interest, the seller is obliged to convey to the buyer legal title to the vacant land.

On this website you will find a fillable Florida vacant land contract in PDF that can be prepared online as well as downloaded on your computer. You have an ability to edit a sample to meet your needs using a built-in PDF editor. A final document can be easily printed out or shared a recipient from the source. Look through the data needed to fill it out:

  • personal details of the parties;

  • description of property;

  • details about price and financing;

  • closing date and occupancy;

  • closing procedure and costs;

  • property condition;

  • information about title;

  • other conditions and requirements;

  • effective date;

  • signatures of both parties.

To save your time you can effortlessly sign a document electronically. Draw, type or capture your signature with a webcam. Moreover, it is possible to send a sample for signing to a counter party by email. If required, a file in PDF can be effortlessly changed to other needed formats.

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