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vacant land contract vac-11

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How do you find out if a vacant land you want to purchase already has utilities installed?
I think you can pull records for the city to see what developments have occurred on the property. In Colorado, they are really transparent on the information they provide on the internet. Check your state for online property records with your City clerk’s government site or call and ask if there is internet access: otherwise you have to go to the City Clerk’s office.
How can I make some money out of my vacant land at Chennai? Is there any commercial utilities of vacant land and how can I make better use of it?
It depends on where exactly the land is and its proximity to an urban area.You can rent it out to people who want to use it for storing things, as a stock yard for parking vehicles, conducting exhibitions, temporary retail bazaars, functions, etc.You can use it to grow vegetables and sell locally if the water potential and labour availability is good.If you can wait long enough you may also grow short duration trees like casuarina, eucalyptus, silver oak or some other fast growing trees which can be harvested in about 10 years.You can also use it for making compost using organic wastes which only need to be heaped up and turned over. The organic component of urban waste forms a major component and therefore it is a good option.
Recently moved to Florida and there's vacant land next to my house I'm interested in buying, but I have no clue who owns the land. How do I go about finding out who owns it? Who do I contact?
Florida has very liberal public records laws that also apply to all counties (which are considered an extension of state government). Each county has a property appraiser who would have records of all properties in the county. Many even post this info online in a searchable database. This will give you the property address, legal description, and mist important of all owner's name and mailing address. You could also check with your county clerk or clerk of courts for the latest warranty deed on the property, which could also give you that info.
How much do I need to invest in a piece of vacant land?
It depends how much it costs, and the answer to your question will be different for every almost every deal in the world. Just make sure you know the strict definition of investing, which is:any activity which, upon thorough analysis, virtually assures the investor will not lose any of his principal, and which also virtually assures him that he will earn an adequate rate of return in an acceptable period of time. Anything not matching both of these criteria is not investment, but speculation.Be sure not to speculate, as speculation is merely “sophisticated gambling.” Why on Earth would you want to rely on luck as part of your strategy? Even if a person is the best expert in the world, he still can’t see the future, nor can he control elements outside of his control (naturally). Isn’t that just good, old-fashioned common sense? Don’t hope the asset you buy or create is safe, only buy it if it is safe. Likewise, don’t hope it goes up in value or will someday produce an income for you, make it go up in value or produce an income for you.If you can do these things - all of them - then buy that vacant land, whatever it costs, if you can afford it. I don’t know how to do this with vacant land, personally, but…some people are really quite creative and truly do find ways to do this. If you’re like me (not as smart as those innovative individuals), stick to tried and true methods like income-producing real estate - the kind with buildings on them - that are rented to tenants.Be sure not to speculate.Be sure not to speculate.Be sure not to speculate.but INVEST.:-)
How many NIT seats remained vacant last year? What will JoSAA do this year (2017) in order to fill the vacant seats?
In 2016 around 1500 seats were left vacant in NITs.There were in total 6 rounds of counselling conducted.To reduce the number of vacant seats, JoSAA may take the following measures:Increased number of Counselling Rounds.Counducting Spot Round for filling of seats.Stretch the counselling a little long to give students time to finally decide whether to go with JoSAA or any other counselling processes like WBJEE,JAC Delhi etc.Take strict action on students who waste seats without geniune reason.Complete DataI hope this will help.
How do I start a wedding venue business on vacant land that I want to buy?
If you start a wedding venue business and buy vacant land So You can either use their service or just read their blog to get great info on how to start wedding venue business and buy vacant land an effective business plan. Go to:
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